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Talent Advocates is a premier IT, Engineering, Finance, and Accounting staffing and recruiting firm.

Who We Are

Talent Advocates is a premier IT, Engineering, Finance, and Accounting staffing and recruiting firm. We combine 38 years of industry experience to provide client-focused executive search and consulting services that can efficiently and timely serve the needs of our clients with integrity and professionalism.

Our culture is simple. We care and take great efforts to understand your search parameters whether you are a client or a candidate. Ultimately, we are your advocate and will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations to achieve your desired results.

Awards & Accolades

Our culture is simple. We are your advocate and take great measures to understand your search parameters so that you can achieve your desired results.


Our services intersect traditional recruiting methods with new age technology to efficiently deliver exactly what our clients need to accomplish their organizational goals.Talent Advocates provides both executive search and consulting/staffing services. In this capacity we focus on both project based staffing and interim services. Whether you need a team of developers or an interim controller we have the contacts, network and knowledge to successfully meet your needs.

Clients’ Needs


Talent Advocates takes a pledge of Advocacy to our clients and candidates to the utmost care. We decided that there was a need in our space for a firm with technological innovation and professionalism, so we built an agency that can ethically and timely provide services that serve and understand the needs of our clients. We take an advocacy model versus a transactional model.

We take great pride in helping you find your next career step or building your world class organization.

How it works,
process, connect


Our main objective is to help you achieve your career goals. We accomplish this by establishing a business relationship that helps us to understand your search parameters that are unique to your interests, personality, and goals. We want to adequately represent you in a manner in which you want and deserve. In order to do that, we ask that you uphold honesty and responsiveness throughout the process so that we can work to exceed expectations and achieve your goals.


Our search and recruiting philosophy is relationship based so that we can provide you with the best qualified candidates that align with your company goals. In exchange for our service, we only ask that we set up an intake call to confirm that our understanding of your company culture, organizational personality, and work style is accurate and concise. As the client you always come first. Which is why we will adjust our processes according to your needs so that we find you the right candidate(s) that exceed your industry driven expectations.

We connect like-minded professionals to communicate together to achieve a common goal of producing best in class organizations.

Your organization is unique.

Which is why every service provided is uniquely tailored to your needs so that we can identify talent that immediately aligns with your organization goals.