Why Talent Advocates

Our company is founded on the principle of assisting organizations through a shared common goal of achieving their best in class institution. We stand behind the idea that lasting relationships empowers us to identify and provide talent that aligns with our clients, culture, and overall objectives. It is our job to immensely understand your needs, so we can support you in innovative ways to be the best.

Mission statement

Our mission is to connect like-minded professionals that strive to build industry leading organizations. We achieve this by bringing advocacy back into the staffing and recruiting space rather than focusing on a transactional model approach. We channel our focus on being your advocate and creating you a marketplace reputation that allows you to successfully achieve your goals.


  • We understand that it can be difficult to find job opportunities and/or candidates tailored to your needs. Talent Advocates is here to change that. Our mission is to combine the traditional integrity and authenticity of “old school” recruiting with innovative new age technology, to provide the highest quality staffing and recruiting services in the industry.
  • Your brand is unique. Which is why your talent should understand your vision and organization goals, so that you can continue to take your business to the next level.
  • We understand that it’s difficult to find quality job opportunities and candidates tailored to your needs. Your brand is unique and your talent should reflect that. Our service combines traditional integrity and authenticity of “old school” recruiting with new-age technological innovation. By providing the highest quality staffing and recruiting services, we’ll deliver results that best represent your vision and personal career goals.

Our Team


I highly recommend Riley's expertise in identifying high-caliber financial talent. He is very savvy at understanding your needs as a leader and aligning strong talent with these needs -- the first time. We worked closely together while I was building a team several years ago. The candidates his firm delivered proved to be excellent hires -- first in terms of being exceptional performers, but also in terms of being great cultural additions to the organizational.


Of all the recruiters I've worked with, Riley hands down does the best job of finding the highest caliber candidates that are specifically relevant to the positions I am filling. Riley does not waste my time with candidates that come close; he only sends me resumes that fit my specific needs. Riley takes the time to truly understand not only the skills I am looking for, but the appropriate personality and work style that fits best within the organization that I am with.

CFO - Technology