Three Ways CEOs Can Foster A Growth Mindset In 2022

Chief Operating Officer Mike Hoffman leads business transformation for scaled growth and client success at SBI Growth. I speak with CEOs every week and I always ask them, “If you could go back in time three years and give yourself advice based on what you know today, what would it be?” Week after week, the […]

Talent acquisition vs. recruitment: Understanding the difference

Hiring. Recruiting. Talent acquisition. Doesn’t it all mean the same thing? There’s actually a crucial difference between recruiting and talent acquisition, and understanding this will help you establish a more effective hiring strategy. Recruiting happens when employers are addressing a current opening — they need a spot filled right away, so they look for candidates […]

Recruiters Are In Hot Demand: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Them

There has been much heated discussion over the hot job market—lengthy discourse around the war for talent and Great Resignation trends creating one of the wildest job markets we’ve ever seen. From the March and April 2020 depths of despair—as millions of Americans lost their jobs—it’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that […]